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Secondary/Adult Projects

Who says fun has to end after childhood? We aim to provide dynamic english classes for our adult students. Look at our projects below!

Pen Pal Project

We started a letter exchange with some British students from Suffolk as a way of building connections during the quarantine. The British students are studying Spanish as a foreign language at their school, and our Small-TALK students are learning English, of course. Our students often lack motivation with extended writing tasks - what better way to encourage them than to provide opportunities for them to write to someone their own age about the things that interest them. Students discussed many topics during the 6 week project: the lockdown measures in their different countries; their favourite music, video games and Netflix series; their plans and dreams for the future; their relationships; the Black Lives Matter movement and Captain Tom raising money for the NHS. Students encountered some cultural differences and learnt to navigate them and find common ground. For example, Nayla in B1 Eso was quite perplexed to learn that her pen pal Hayden has chickens at home, but was happy to hear when one of his sick chickens, Jan, made a miraculous recovery! We hope that the students enjoyed the project as much as we did; we absolutely loved reading their beautifully written stories and anecdotes!

Marc gave us a lesson in anarchy and had us questioning government, law, and democracy. It was his second presentation and he spoke with more confidence! We are proud of his progress and the progress of all of our students in the Adult Speaking course. 

Marc, Adult Speaking Course

Jose Maria gives the Adult Speaking class an informative presentation about the impact of climate change. We are so proud of our adults for speaking about such difficult topics in a foreign language! 

Jose Maria, Adult Speaking Course


A lovely speaking project about the environment from our student Sandra! Sandra taught an hour lesson about how to care for the environment and she gave us some facts to keep us motivated when making change. We are proud of you Sandra!

Sandra, Adult Speaking Course

A dynamic presentation from Vanessa about uprooting your life and moving to another country. She gave us anecdotes from her own life as well as some tips for surviving life abroad. Great job Vanessa!

Vanessa, Adult Speaking Course

A2 students present information on national parks in Spain. They use a visual aid to explain their national park and its climate, wildlife, and location. Fantastic job guys!

Alba (left), Aleix (center), Marina (right); A2 class

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