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Click and Learn for Adults

Online Dictionaries

Word Reference

This is a multilingual dictionary;  it can be used to translate words from English to Spanish and vice versa. You can also find collocations, grammar in use, and a verb conjugator. You can also download the application for your mobile phone!


This is our suggested dictionary for synonyms and antonyms. It is very useful for B1 level onwards and it will definitely help you to avoid repetition and learn new vocabulary. Use this dictionary to improve your writing skills for school as well as Cambridge exams!

Urban Dictionary

Are you a fast learner and want to learn how people speak day to day? Did you watch a movie in English and hear a word that you couldn’t find in a regular dictionary? This dictionary is aimed at learning new idioms and expressions. Get ready to start speaking like a native!

What'sYour Level?  

Using the Common European Framework 

The first step to learning a language is to know your level so that you can find the right resources to improve your learning.  On Exam English you can find out your English level and connect to different resources and practice exercises specific to your level. You can also get familiar with TOEFL, IELTS, and Cambridge exams with online exam practice.

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English Practice

Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 11.53.49

Use British Council for online practice and links for English study abroad.

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Practice your reading comprehension and stay up to date on current events at the same time!

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