Listening Practice

Our very own Harriet helped film a mini documentary about life in quarantine. Watch the documentary and click the link below to answer comprehension questions!

Photo by: Helena Lopes

Conversation with Friends: Making Plans

Listen to a group of friends make plans. Click below for the audio transcript. What do you think the underlined words mean? Post your responses to the comment section below!

Have you ever been grocery shopping in a foreign country? It can be difficult if you don't understand what the employees are saying to you. Listen to the audio and read the transcript to learn some key phrases that you can use in any shopping experience. Never shop in fear again!

Overheard in the Supermarket

Asking for Directions

Getting lost is difficult enough without the difficulty of asking for directions in a foreign language. Listen to the audio and read the transcript for some helpful phrases that you can use whenever you get lost and need a little help. 

Conversation with Friends: Catching up

Have you ever seen an old friend that you haven't seen in a while? Listen to the audio and read the transcript for some key words and phrases to ask how someone has been! 

Quarantine Around the World

In this audio track we hear from people adapting to life under lockdown across the world. Join us to find out how people in New Zealand, the US, Australia, Spain, Denmark and the UK are finding the situation. While you listen you can test your comprehension skills with our comprehension questions!

Vegans in a Restaurant

Dietary restrictions can be difficult, especially when you are going to eat out. Listen to the audio and answer the comprehension questions about vegans in a restaurant.

International Women's Day

International Women's Day is an important day to acknowledge the accomplishments and contributions of women to the world. Listen to the audio and answer comprehension questions!

Coronavirus School Cancellation

School is out! But don't get so excited, it's because of something serious....coronavirus. Listen to an announcement that school has been cancelled and answer comprehension questions.