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Making Small Talk...

What is Making Small Talk?​

Making Small Talk is a blog which allows our Small Talk students to connect with resources that enable them to improve their level of English and to take control of their language learning. Explore our blog to see student created content and to practice the english language. 


Our Projects


Projects include student created content that showcase their talent and skills as well as their improvement in the english language. Click below to view student content.

English Learnig Resources
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​Do you have trouble understanding conversations in english? Practice your listening comprehension with our home-made audios!

What's your english level?

The first step to improving your level of english is to know your level in the present moment. These resources can help you test your level! ​

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Do you like to read? Well you're in luck! Now you can practice your reading comprehension skills with articles about culture. También tenemos artículos con consejos en castellano.

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