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Cultural Articles

Do you want to practice your reading comprehension but have trouble finding a text that fits your level? Don't worry! We have cultural articles appropriate for all levels. Click on your level and start reading.


Beginner (A1-A2)

Intermediate (B1-B2)


These days it's difficult to stay connected with people. What have you been doing in quarantine? Read about our teacher Harriet's daily routine during Covid19. Choose your level (Beginner A1-A2) and intermediate (B1-B2).

Harriet's Quarantine Routine

Beginner (A1, A2)

Brexit Explained

Intermediate (B1, B2)

Advanced (C1, C2)

Great British Myths

Of course there are many stereotypes about people in any country but are they true? Read an article written by our very own Brit, Harriet to find out!

Study Destinations in the UK

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